If you’re ready to FINALLY succeed at Social Media Marketing – read on!

I’ve heard the complaints for years! "Social Media doesn't work..."

There’s one BIG mental change to make if you want to see success with your social media campaigns!

There are so many misconceptions and misnomers when it comes to social media.

Whenever I ask a company if they use social media marketing I regularly hear "Well I have a Facebook" as though that is the right answer. I think if they can't answer me 'yes' or 'no' then they know the answer! They aren't.

When I ask if they are using social media marketing [and] hear "Well, I have a Facebook."

Marketing is more than having a storefront or a business facebook page, or running ads online. Marketing is incredibly detailed and far more than I could cover in one short newsletter! But I can at least cover the most common mistake I see pushed through social media marketing.

Trying to make sales.

The most common mistake on Social Media: Trying to make sales!

Not to say that there isn't a time and a place where Social Media works for closing sales, but the efficacy of that method is so much smaller than my preference and where I've found success.

To me, social media marketing is all about generating leads. As I've stated before, a lead is nothing more than a name and a form of contact (link to former blog), and what you do with that lead later is completely beyond the scope of lead generation.

Once you start to think about social media marketing as just lead generation (how do I get more names and forms of contact? Either through my personal page or through my business page) then it changes the whole concept. Instead of trying to sell your product, you can focus on adding value and getting more shares, likes & commentary.

Once someone interacts with you, make sure you have a method for storing their information (get them to like the page, become "friends", or add them to a CRM) so you can follow up to get the sale!

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