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    A summary of Stephanie's available presentations are below. 

    Custom presentations are available - fill out the form below to discuss further. 

    All presentations can be delivered anywhere from 20-minute to 90 minutes or in workshop form.

    Each talk dives into the psychology behind each concept, the principles that make it work (or not) and practical tools to apply immediately to create transformation.


    Marketing That Works for Small Business Budgets [Beyond Social Media]

    Stephanie's most popular presentation is primarily offered as a workshop but can be adjusted to fit a keynote style as well. In this keynote or workshop, Stephanie breaks down the lessons she's learned over working with 1000s of small business marketing campaigns, what mistakes to avoid, and how to build a cohesive marketing plan that creates impact.

    Note: The Marketing That Works for Small Business Budgets book will be published in October 2023 and is available as an additional resource to event attendees if desired.

    The Secret Weapon to Peak Performance (Bringing Out the Best In Yourself & Your People)

    An insightful conversation of understanding the psychology of human emotion and how it applies in bringing out the best in yourself and those around you. As a certified guide in Emotional Quotient, Stephanie not only brings a practical approach to better understanding and influencing our emotions, but also to how this impacts every aspect of our business from ourselves to our team.

    Bonus! This presentation includes a 'magic trick' that is sure to leave your audience talking!

    The Difference A Shift Can Make

    A powerful keynote on understanding how the right kind of shift can open opportunities, provide new tools to solve problems, and enhance impact for your small business.
    Dig into the three key concepts needed to better understand how and when to shift in addition to being aware of the challenges it can bring.
    Shifts accelerate growth and by the end of this keynote, your audience will better understand how & when to shift in their business

    "[Stephanie's] playing at the end gave me goosebumps!" Lyra M.

    The Power of Connection


    A moving keynote that brings together audience participation and a custom composition from Stephanie herself to truly showcase the impact that connection can make.
    This keynote discusses how connection is made through music, and how those same concepts can be applied to small business. By the end, your audience will better understand what to do to create better connection in their marketing, sales & with their people.
    Note: This performance includes a custom-composition by Stephanie and requires an accompaniest
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