Ready for marketing that's as impactful as you?


    The Marketing Engine Igniter

    Ignite an unstoppable marketing force in your business!



    "We went from a few calls a month off the website to five calls a week

    when we launched the new site!"

    Glen Bhimani
    BPS Security 
  • If you're tired of...

    Overly-complex, expensive AF, limited-time-access courses

    (That don't even work without spending MORE $$$$s on coaching...)




    Questioning your own value because no one else sees your brilliance

    Watching your customers choose inferior competitors


    Struggling to get results with your marketing



    The Marketing Engine Igniter was built for you!



    "Wow, you make me realize the best marketing does not happen solo.

    "Y'all have sparked and shared some great ideas!"

    Jean Smith
  • What Is The Igniter Program?

    Great marketing craves creativity.

    Creativity rarely happens in isolation.

    The Marketing Engine Igniter is the Solution!

    This is structure that sparks creative marketing!

    This is Stephanie's response to overpriced, poorly-designed courses that are better at convincing you to buy $$$$s of coaching than getting results!


    There are three levels to the program, so you can pick the level

    of customization & support you need!

    “We had people coming to seek us out at the event because they loved

    the booth Stephanie helped us design SO much!"

    Anna, CEO

    Capri Temporary Housing

  • Why This Works

    After evaluating 1000s of marketing campaigns, Stephanie discovered the 3 Ms of Marketing©

    Simply put: The successful campaigns have it

    The flops don't


    The DFY Plan and Full Course to Customize are built on this foundation

    The Spark Labs create space to collaborate and elevate!

    Target Market

    Marketing Message

    Methods of Distribution


    Want to know the power of Social Media Content that understands your target market

    and represents your marketing message?

    "I wondered how much of a difference it was really making, but when y'all stopped doing our social media content for us, we went from eight to ten calls per day, to three or four."

    Will Wightman
  • Access

    Everyone is at a different place in terms of resources like time, money and energy!

    The Marketing Engine Igniter offers three levels of access to match what you need most!

    Got questions first?

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    The Done-For-You

    Marketing Plan


    Four documents

    Three Videos

    One time payment

    Instant Lifetime Access


    Perfect for Boutique & Personal Brand style companies that sell B2B

    A Plug-And-Play Marketing Plan

    Yes, really!

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    Customize & Collaborate


    Done-For-You Marketing Plan +

    One Marketing Spark Lab

    Customize Your DFY Plan with Full Igniter Course Access

    Lifetime Course Access


    Perfect to customize your marketing plan, and test strategies before launch!

    Full Access Instantly!

    Best Value!

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    The Marketing Spark Labs


    Per Lab


    Three Weeks

    90-Minutes Weekly

    Quarterly Dates Available


    Perfect to test, evaluate & level up your marketing strategies before you go to market!

    Guided by Stephanie directly!

    A powerful group!

  • Questions?

    "Thank you for giving me a solid foundation in marketing (in weeks, not years!)"

    Susan, CEO
  • What if you had leads opting in through your marketing for more info, regularly?

    What if, the next time you ran a sales call, that person was psyched just for the chance to speak with you?

    What if your marketing didn't fall apart and sales stagnate if you have an off-week?

    How would that transform your business?


    That's what a marketing engine creates!