• "Stephanie here!

    "In 2020, my team and I over at Grow Disrupt were talking a LOT about Impact!

    "We had chosen it as our theme for the 2021 Grow Retreat and so as we were marketing the retreat throughout 2020, we were talking about the value of creating an impact in your marketing, with your sales, with your people, etc. The more we chatted about it, the more I realized that this has been a common thread through my entire life as an entrepreneur: helping small business owners create their greatest impact.


    "After all, this is a huge part of what we get into business to do, right? Make an impact! On our own lives, on our families, on our communities. And the impact we make extends so far beyond our immediate circle. By creating an environment that gives our team space to step into their greatest self and love their job and their work, we create happier, healthier employees. Those employees then go home and are happier and healthier in their interactions with their families and those around them. So by lifting up our immediate team, we create the ability for them to do the same to those around them!


    "Most importantly, as I was realizing I was truly obsessed with impact, I also realized that Entrepreneur's don't need someone who is going to guess at what needs to be done and frankly, we don't need someone to tell us what to do! We're a pretty damn smart bunch and we're pretty good at knowing what we need to do. But sometimes we do need someone who has done this a few times, can see the path when we're a little overwhelmed and lost, and can be counted on to stand strong and keep us moving forward! And I realized that, after a decade of studying psychology off and on and working with thousands of business owners, I had an amazing grasp on how to create an impact!


    "And the Impact Authority was born!"

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  • Meet Stephanie Scheller

    The woman who has been inspiring & motivating the nation from San Antonio, TX!

    Stephanie Scheller, keynote speaker entrepreneur located in San Antonio, TX

    Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!

    The entrepreneur who built her business in just four and a half months!

    Stephanie Scheller took the business world by storm. After three years in corporate America, she ramped up her sales training and coaching business in only four and a half months to completely replace her corporate income and walked away to run Scheller Enterprises, a company focused on disrupting the way the world goes into and stays in business.


    As attention shifted to creating a global impact, Stephanie founded Grow Disrupt, a company passionate about helping business owners thrive personally and professionally. With a passion for business owners and their struggles to keep our economy blossoming, Stephanie is dedicated to helping others experience success in all areas of their life and business.


    To see Stephanie's full bio scroll to the bottom of the page!


    Learn more about Grow Disrupt

    A passionate and invigorating public speaker who uses humor to motivate and inspire!

    Keynote Speaker

    The speaker who will make an impact on your audience!

    Stephanie has been delivering powerful, motivational performances for more than two decades and is regularly invited to return as a speaker after audiences experience her enthusiasm and vigor from the front of the room.


    In 2021, she brought the violin to the stage with her for the first time and received a standing ovation. Because music bypasses the conscious brain, Stephanie and "Honey" (her violin) can trigger recognition and understanding at a core level, enhancing long-term memory & implementation, truly creating an impact.


    Stephanie's areas of expertise lie in the psychology of business: sales, marketing & people management. With more than a decade of studies in psychology behind her, Stephanie has developed an incredible understanding of how the human brain functions, and how to work within our limitations while leveraging our opportunities.


    To see more about Stephanie's topics & request a booking, click here

    Friend Power: A motivational, self-help book that addresses the missing key to achieve your inner greatness by San Antonio author Stephanie Scheller

    Best Selling Author

    The author determined to transform the world!

    In 2012 Stephanie looked around and realized quickly that like-creates-like. Without knowing it at the time, she'd honed in on the same concept that every great mind of the past century has discovered.


    Stephanie took it a step further! In her book, Friend Power (published April 2015), she not only argues but successfully shows how the friends you choose determine every aspect of your future and if you want control, you'll be careful about who you choose as your friends!


    Get your copy here!

  • Stephanie's Full Bio

  • A lifetime of passion, integrity & the indomitable spirit!


    Stephanie Scheller is a recognized rising star who's passion and enthusiasm has impacted more than 3500 businesses in the past decade.


    At 25 years old, she took an opportunity to implement the same systems & concepts she teaches to build a business from scratch in only four months, replaced her income from her job and took over as the full-time CEO of Scheller Enterprises, a sales training and consulting company dedicated to disrupting the way small business owners run their sales, marketing & people. Using Stephanie's psychology-based approach to sales and marketing, Scheller Enterprises quickly grew to be the largest, most-active sales training practice in Central Texas and began designing and hosting their own sales-training events in 2015. In 2016, Stephanie realized that, while she was passionate about supporting small business owners with their sales, her desires extended far beyond simply impacting sales. In 2017, Scheller Enterprises hosted their first business owners retreat and in 2018, rebranded to Grow Disrupt, a company dedicated to hosting events that provide real, actionable steps so small business owners can grow their businesses.


    Stephanie continues to tap into her passions through music and art as she shares her stories of battling depression, anxiety and apathy to become a successful business owner, along with her knowledge of psychology and how it impacts everything in business to help others step into their greatest potential.


    That passion is evident in every aspect of Stephanie and bursts through on the stage to bring life to any audience.

    From a very young age Stephanie's military family taught her the value of following through with her word and being true to herself. From the beginning of her business career, Stephanie has always been dedicated to ensuring her entire company lives in integrity and their word is bond.


    Knowing that she couldn't stand in her truest, authentic self without knowing all aspects of herself, Stephanie dedicated extensive time to learning more about herself, what she believes, what fuels her joy, and where her passions lie. She rediscovered her love for the violin, art and psychology and in 2021, she announced a new brand for her personal mission to inspire others to action and stepped into her role as the Impact Authority.


    Stephanie fully embraces the value of integrity for her business and uses that to share transparently with her audiences. It's the transparent passion, the willingness to admit her own flaws and share her own stories with her audiences that allows Stephanie to connect so closely with hundreds of individuals at once from the front of the room.


    With Stephanie at the helm, you always get what you are promised. You always get a honest, authentic experience with an incredible keynote or motivational speaker.


    The Indomitable Spirit

    While preparing to test for her first-degree black belt in Taekwondo, the entire class found the ability to dig deeper and push further than they had ever thought possible. At the end of the eight-hour test, as the instructors called for one final piece to the test: the stamina portion. In the midst of 60-seconds of continuous push-ups, Stephanie realized that the indomitable spirit that her instructors had harped on again and again was something only she could choose to bring to the front.


    With a dedication to digging deep and producing results, despite the pain or the obstacles encountered, Stephanie guarantees the event of a lifetime for you and your attendees with her on the stage!

  • Learn from Stephanie


    Stephanie's favorite zone of genius is the psychology of marketing!


    Learn how applying psychology can support your marketing results today!

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