• Doing Business As | A Web Series

    Owning a business is tough!

    So, here is some comedic relief that can serve as a reminder that the underdog can always win!


    Doing Business As is Produced By Grow Disrupt & Stephanie Scheller

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  • Stephanie Scheller is well aware of the challenges that small business owners face — especially when it comes to marketing. So, she worked alongside her team at Grow Disrupt to write and produce a web series following the rise of an underdog (Kyra, played by Stephanie herself), and really getting a grip on all things marketing!

  • Cast & Crew

    We were incredibly lucky to work with a great cast and crew! Hit the arrows to see the team!


    Kyra, the main character, is played by Stephanie Scheller aka: The Impact Authority, and owner/founder of Grow Disrupt.


    Robbie, Kyra's assistant, is played by Terri Rehkopf the owner/founder of San Antonio's #1 Organic Salon, Ippodaro Natural Salon.


    Paul is Kyra's misogynistic, jerk of a father! Paul is played by the professional actor, Jason Drago.


    Tim, who is Paul's assistant pretending to be Kyra's business coach is played by Eric Gomez. Eric also plays one of Paul's lawyers and Paul's second assistant.


    Fun fact, Eric works for Fahntoosh Enterprises, one of the finalists for the 2021 Impact Awards!


    Ari Scheller plays Kyra's brother, Echo! Her favorite, Echo, and her not so favorites Brendan and Travis. She also plays one of Paul's Lawyers.

    Dr. Hachdeemel

    Kyra's former Stanford Professor, Dr. Hachdeemel, is played by Matthew Dupré! Mr. Dupré also plays one of Paul's Lawyers.

    Lawyer # 4

    Mike Milan, the Vice President of Truly Financial, does a wonderful job playing Paul's very flustered Lawyer # 4!

    FBI agent

    The FBI agent is played by none other than
    Glen Bhimani with BPS Security.


    Kyra's office dog, Ralph, is played by Ralph.


    Doing Business As is directed, edited, and production managed by Susannah Scheller! Additionally, Susannah was a contributing writer.


    Fun fact, Susannah is an incredible singer! This photo was taken at the 2022 Grow Retreat right before she sang a song composed by her and Stephanie!


    Doing Business As was written by Courtney Cobb-Gomez. Additionally, Courtney was the director of photography and whatever else Susannah asked her to do.


    This photo was taken at the 2022 Grow Retreat after she convinced Stephanie to let her play the cowbell. It was incredible.

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