The test you NEED to run before you outsource!

I've been teaching this concept for a long time now and it's been a game-changer, not just for me, but for my followers and my coaching clients.


It's the energy advantage!

We're all doing more than we WANT to be doing...

The question is, which pieces do you take off your plate and which ones need to stay on your plate? And whether or not you have a ready answer, if you're just guessing or speaking off the cuff, you're probably about to make a big mistake!

Hiring is often the biggest mistake anyone makes in business!

I've seen a lot of business owners hire at the point of desperation.

I've spoken about this before, but I'm not going to leave it alone. Michael Gerber talks about it in the E-Myth at length, but when you hire at the point where you think you finally need more help, it's probably too late. You hire someone who is capable of doing what you're in need of and instead of hiring for character, you hire for qualifications. 

"I've seen a lot of business owners hire at the point of desperation."

Then! You start them on the fast track and provide little-to-no training on how to execute their job in YOUR way. So they start bringing their own ideas to the job.

That can be a great thing!

That can also be a terrible issue. 

If they've been working for Smuckers for years, they are used to packaging jam jars in the most efficient way possible. They aren't used to tying the bows "just so" on your pretty jars and making sure all the labels face the same way in the boxes. So the little extras that have made your company stand-out in the over-packed jam industry start to suffer and so does your company. 

The little extras that make your company stand out start to suffer...

So what do I do?

Start by creating a list of all the agenda items you do every single day.  

All the tiny, nitty-gritty details. 

Your list might look like this:


Clean bathroom

Follow up calls

Setting 10-min appointments

Running 10-min appointments

Graphics Design

Social Media Posting

Booking speaking engagements

Following up for Speaking Engagements booked for details

Speaking Engagements

One-on-One Coaching

Planning Scheller Enterprises events

Booking locations for Scheller Enterprises events

Once you have your list, it's time to rank them.

The first step in the Energy Advantage program ranks in the following system:

  1. Things you LOVE to do and are really good at! The things you garner energy by doing!
  2. Things you are okay with doing, but are really good at. These things don't drain your energy, but don't necessarily add to it
  3. Things you love to do, and garner energy from doing, but are really bad at! It takes you HOURS to do those things, and it would take someone else a couple of minutes.
  4. Things you hate doing and are terrible at. These things suck your energy and you actively procrastinate against.

So your new list might look like:

4) Dishes

4) Clean bathroom

2) Follow up calls

4) Setting 10-min appointments

1) Running 10-min appointments

3) Graphics Design

2) Social Media Posting

2) Booking speaking engagements

2) Following up for Speaking Engagements booked for details

1) Speaking Engagements

1) One-on-One Coaching

2) Planning Scheller Enterprises events

3) Booking locations for Scheller Enterprises events

Now it's time to start pulling off the 4s.

If you want to know how to avoid the jam issue, check out This post about how to build systems for training YOUR way.

Once you've pulled the 4s off your plate, start on the 3s.

The ultimate goal is to be doing all 1s and 2s and once you're there, reach out to me Here and I'll give you the NEXT ranking tools to get yourself to working in your true energy advantage!