The 2nd Best Use for Social Media - Details Inside!

Social media marketing has two main uses, lead generation (as we discussed earlier this month) and branding! 


I've touted for years that social media makes the best impact as a lead generator. But there is a second use: Branding

While I'm a huge fan of using social media mostly for lead generation, there's nothing wrong with using it for branding as well. It's a practice that, as my sales become more and more stable, and my desperate hunt for leads becomes less and less desperate, I am turning towards more and more. 

It just makes sense!

Other than trying to sell products on social media, branding is the most common use for social media. At least, it should be!

Social media is a great way to get your name out among your current followers and strengthen the values they associate you with, and it's an incredible way to get in front of their friends and family as well.

Branding in your business is your way of associating your business with the product, service or value you provide to the market. In essence, whenever you post to social media, you have to have that in mind. If your goal is to be the go-to-place for awesome home-cooked meals, then I recommend posting equally awesome content on how to cook from home like a pro. If your goal is to be the solution to every problem that the DIYer runs into when attempting to fix the plumbing, then share information that corresponds.

This has two pieces of added value. Not only do you get great lead generation by getting people to interact with your posts, but you add social currency to your business. You add value to your followers, and establish firmly in their heads that you are the go-to place for solutions.

It's a win-win!

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