Inside is the best idea on lead generation you'll ever read!

This one method is so incredible powerful, and diverse, that if you want to chose only one lead generation plan, this is the one I suggest!

Are you ready for this?

It's a sure-fire way to set yourself apart from your competition, set up better prospects for yourself, and find a method that works with your personality!

It's lead generation through education!

This entire update is based in my philosophy on sales.  

There was a time when I looked at sales people as intrusive, rude, pushy and manipulative. I fought to avoid being viewed as a sales person. It took time, but I worked through that mindset and focus on sales being about serving others, about educating others, and about helping people's dreams come true. 

This is exactly what I teach to others too!

That sales is about educating others. You know more about your industry and how to navigate it than your prospect and you can take time to educate them to help them out.

Since my sales philosophy is so focused on education I am a huge believer in generating leads through education as well. When you generate leads by providing education it really changes the conversation once they become a prospect. You've already given them a lot of value and shown them that you're an expert in your field and trying to build trust & rapport (a weak spot for me!) is substantially easier to close the actual sale.  

  • How do you currently generate the majority of your leads? How many of them do you get the chance to educate before you get into the sales meeting?  

  • Think about opportunities you have to educate your leads, books, public speaking, blogs, social media, how many are you currently using?  

Try it out! I guarantee it will change your sales conversation for the better! 

Need help setting these up? Let's talk!  

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