Enjoy The Ride!

I've learned to keep my eyes open for lesson to show up in the strangest places!

Lessons come in the weirdest places!

This one came in the form of some graffiti on the bathroom stall at Panera. 

Someone had scribbled something very similar to the replica below to the right of the stall door at Panera off Heubner Oaks and I-10.

broken image

Usually, I'm pretty quick to ignore that stuff. Most graffiti isn't worth looking at twice and this one had obviously been tried to be cleaned up as it was pretty faded (hence the reproduction instead of a picture of the actual one). 

And once more, I paused. I've had this lesson pop up three or four times so far this year. And I don't want you to get me wrong! I will keep working at a high level of energy (as I addressed in my last post), but I need these reminders to stop for a second and savor the journey. 

There's a commercial for the laughing cow cheeses where the animated cow comes on screen and asks "When did snacking become this?" And on-screen you see hand after hand take away all the chips in a giant bowl. 

It's the same phenomenon. 

We are so caught up sometimes in hurrying that we forget to enjoy the experiences and I'm guilty of this as well!

I'm so eager to get to the chocolate, raspberry truffle cake that I race through the appetizer and main course and forget to savor the flavors. 

Not that I didn't enjoy the appetizer and main course. I just didn't enjoy it fully.

And there's a big difference! 

So take a second and think about what course you're on, and are you taking time to enjoy the nuances of the herbs and butter in the risotto, the crispy skin and the succulent soft meat of the chicken, and the crisp, bitter and sweet flavors of the salad? 

Now if you'll excuse me...I'm going to go get something to eat... ;)