What I learned after 500+ marketing campaigns for success!

I always wondered why we could take two, identical campaigns and get drastically different results for both of them!

After watching and learning for five years, I’ve realized there’s one main difference.

Now I’m ready to share that with you!

I worked with close to 400 businesses in my four years as a sales and retention rep at my corporate job.

I saw a lot of businesses fight with their marketing with the belief that their marketing should be drumming up pre-sold leads. I got call after call from client after client crying about how their 60 calls this month were unqualified leads just looking for pricing. For a long time, I didn't realize there was a problem with this, although I struggled to help my clients realize that they had to at least attempt to close the sale.

When I finally got sales training, I realized that Marketing served it's best purpose if you treated it like a lead generator instead of a sales tool. Once you break marketing down into a lead generation tool it's intuitive to realize that it's up to the business to take that lead and transform it into a client.

There's a whole process behind how to take a lead from lead to client (and if you've missed it check out my other blog posts right here or at everythingisasale.blogspot.com), but if you focus on making sure that your marketing is producing leads, it changes the goal of the marketing.

From trying to close leads through Social Media, you're suddenly just trying to increase your reach (substantially easier!), your billboards take on new meaning, let's be honest, everything does!

Make sure you have a plan for how to convert them, but all you have to do first is get them to the point of contact! Congratulations, you've started the sales process and you can keep it going on a large scale!

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