There are Two Points Here...

I'm a pretty driven person. 

That actually might be putting it mildly. 

I'm surrounded by people who constantly remind me to calm down and slow down.

I get advised pretty consistently that this isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. 

The problem with all this? 

You don't achieve greatness moving at the same pace as everyone else. 

You don't achieve greatness by working as hard as everyone else. And while everyone likes to post inspiring quotes like the one below, very few people are willing to put in the actual effort to make it happen. 

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So don't be afraid to push yourself a little harder than you think you need to. Push yourself hard enough to create more than enough. 

Trust me. 

Enough doesn't last long. 

Where did this come from?

I had an incredible chat with my husband earlier today which stemmed this whole conversation.

We were talking about my goals for the business for this year and next year and, even modestly, they are ambitious goals. 

After hearing from so many people that I should be realistic (a word that isn't part of my vocabulary when it comes to goal setting), I was already cringing inwardly as I waited to hear him tell me to not set myself up for failure and frustration. 

Instead, he smiled at me and we started an entire conversation about how incredibly huge my goals are, and how hard I will have to work to achieve them, but it's better to set big goals and miss them, than to set "realistic" goals and achieve them. 

It was so refreshing to have someone supporting me, no matter what goals I set, no matter how realistic or unrealistic they were.

So my point with this is two-fold!

1)  Find someone who will support you. 

2)  Be willing to set big goals and work your ass off to make it come true! You'll work harder than anyone else. 

People will tell you to slow down. 

If your dreams are big enough, you will have to put in enough hours, at a pace no one else will understand.

And that's okay!