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It's long past time to figure out what to do with all those leads...

Tracking the leads you generate is definitely important when it comes time to try and turn those leads into something more than just a name and a form of contact! It's the key to knowing who you've followed up with, who you haven't, and who you need to reach out to next!

If you've been following my training systems for any length of time, you know I teach to use systems to generate more leads than you know what to do with.

There's a bit of a problem with this approach.

The sheer number of leads gets a little overwhelming! What do you do with them? How do you keep track of the people you've spoken with? How do you keep track of the leads you're currently working on? How do you stay in touch with them all so you can follow up, follow up, follow up until they buy or die?

The answer, as always, is to have a system.

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Have a single (preferably modern) place to store them all

And make sure you store them consistently. If you collect leads all week, take time every Friday and update your excel spreadsheet or CRM. Once you create a routine, it's easy to keep it going. I keep an excel spreadsheet up all week and once a week, take 30 seconds to upload it to my CRM which is connected to my mass-emailing.

I then send out two newsletters per month. I always let my leads know I'll be adding them to my newsletter, and why they'll love it and I've never had a problem! (Note: There's a big difference between letting people know you'll add them, and just up and adding them without permission!).

If your CRM allows you to set reminders for the leads you're actively working, use it! If not, use your calendar! Set a calendar event that you can keep notes in and actively move through-out your calendar to keep track of when you need to follow up again!

Use systems, track your leads!

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