5 Minutes to Sales Success

There was a time I really struggled with being in sales – until I wrapped my head around these concepts!

I call them Secrets to Sales Success!

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There's more than just one, but I promise I'll keep this short!

The first one is living a life that embraces sales. To do this, I had to recognize that literally everything is sales. Want your kid to go to bed? It's a sale. Want your significant other to do the dishes? It's a sale. Want your prospect to write you a check? It's a sale!

Now the best way to get a sale is through serving others. When you are genuinely trying to help them, you'll find your sales increasing quickly!

Next - energy check!

The next piece is level 10 energy. I teach everyone that they will reap the rewards in life that are equal to the effort they put out. Sales jobs will literally pay you as much or as little as you want. To get the best results, you have to put in the most energy. Attack sales with energy unparalleled by anything else in your life and watch your results explode!

Are you holding yourself back?

Eliminate the beliefs that are holding you back. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones that tell you "don't try that hard! What if it doesn't work out?" "Don't want something that big! That will cause all kinds of problems!" "Be realistic!" "They're only getting that result because they're cheating."

Don't worry. I've had them too. Your job is to catch them as they try to pull you back into mediocrity and squash them with positive thoughts about your unlimited capability!

Have you implemented ABL?

Lastly I constantly hard on the concept of constant learning. I call it ABL or Always Be Learning!

Every time I dedicate myself to a weekend of learning, or to adding learning to my baseline, my results jump forward in leaps and bounds. It's incredible to see how much reading one book can change my whole business, or how attending one seminar can clear up a fuzzy portion of my life. I still remember one seminar I attended last year that I was really reluctant to take time away from my business to attend, reluctant to spend three days at an expensive hotel, in an expensive place.

Not only did I make some great new friends and connections, I picked up one idea that has transformed my business.

Learning is ALWAYS worth it.

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