The Three Keys to Business Success

Based on observations & work with almost 600 companies in 5 years!

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I've had a heart...

At least for small-medium sized business owners since high school. I watched my parents running their business, and saw business after business in my towns through high school and college put up the “going out of business” signs. The business owners always seemed worn out and saddened by having to resort to that final step.

After graduating, I decided to make a difference for these business owners!

As far as I could tell, a lot of the challenges these businesses faced came down to not enough clients. I planned to help these businesses market their businesses and get those clients in the door. I settled down to my task and over the first three years out of college, had the opportunities to work with 350+ businesses in San Antonio on their marketing as a sales rep for a national company. I learned so much.

Those three years were incredible! I got to see what worked, and what didn’t. I got to compare marketing campaigns to each other to determine what was the defining difference. I searched for the keys between the $500/month campaign that WORKED and the $500/month campaign that didn’t work.

The Cycle of Business™

I slowly started to realize that there are three things that any business needs to be successful. I call it the Cycle of Business™ and it’s the foundation for any successful business: Sales, systems, and marketing!

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Sales are vital, because sales bring the cashflow that keeps you on top. Sales are the quick way to solve cashflow problems and by keeping your sales up, you are protecting your business from the pitfalls that throw so many people out of business. Sales skills come in to play whether you’re going out and chasing down the clients one by one, or needing to convert the leads as your marketing funnels them to your door (or your phone, or website!).


Systems are how you deliver on your sales. You can have systems for keeping your employees happy and building strong HR practices, you can have systems for production and delivery, you can have systems to ensure that services are delivery routinely and promised material is provided to show that the service was completed. Systems are what allows the business owner to own and manage the business instead of constantly having to focus on delivering on the business!


Marketing is a phenomenal way to bring your solutions to a wider audience. When your sales team isn’t quite big enough anymore, or doesn’t have time to go produce their own leads and their time would be better used in closing the sales from the leads generated by your marketing, then it’s time to market smart. It’s time to Market Like an Arrow™!

If you’re ready to learn the five steps to develop any system in your business so you can STOP working for your business and let your business work for you and how to Market Like an Arrow™, and the key to producing guaranteed results in your marketing system, then mark your calendars for November 15th and register at