My business obsession...

I'm a little more than SLIGHTLY obsessed with this concept...and if you want to be successful in business, I think you should be too!

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It is all about SYSTEMS!

Whether you're talking about sales, HR, leadership, production, or pretty much anything else in your business!

I've been on a quest for the past five years to create the series of steps every business needs to stay in business and grow as big or as little as they want. One important step I've learned is to have systems for your business. 


The only way to grow beyond yourself is to leverage your time, and that means getting the same results you get when you do things yourself, but letting someone else do the work to get the result. And the only way you can duplicate yourself is through systems.  

When you have solid systems in your business, you can get consistent results in everything. Sales. Marketing. Hiring. Firing. Product delivery. Customer Service. Referrals.  

Improve Communication

When you have a system to communicate, you get consistent responses from your team. You know how to communicate with them so there is no disappointment – they know what to do to take care of you, and you know how to make sure they know what to do! This eliminates the frustration of telling your employee to clean the truck, and them not realizing that you meant "now."  

Employee Satisfaction

Systems provide higher employee satisfaction. They now know what to do to help the company grow, and when you have a system for bonuses and raises, and firing, they know exactly what to expect and can create the life they want for themselves inside the business. This leads to better employee retention.  

Better Customer Service

This leads to better customer service. Happier employees spend more time taking care of your clients, and having systems to produce predictable results also produces happier clients. Which leads to bigger profits!  

It takes time, but it's 100% worth it! 

If you want to figure out how to create a system for yourself, check out this blog post from January: 

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