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Despite knowing better, I still stalled for so long!

It's all about hiring help...

Don't get me wrong! I often say that it's the biggest mistake business owners make.

Not because they hire. Not even because they hire the wrong person! That's just part of business. You will always have SOMEONE who slips through the hiring process and turns out to be the wrong fit.

It's often the biggest mistake business owners make because they often wait to hire until they are frantic, and settle for just ANYONE and throw them right into work without proper training or support.

The oldest adage in business is to hire fast, fire faster!

And yet, it doesn’t seem to make a difference how many times I say it or they hear it, business owners drag their heels when it comes to hiring until it’s too late and they are scrambling to find help.

Invariably, they hire someone who is less than perfect for the job, but can start right away. They end up hiring someone who already has the core competencies of the job and throw them onto the floor to start making things easier for the business owner.

It rarely ends well!

Sooner or later the employee starts slacking, the production isn’t quite what it was when they started, their enthusiasm wanes, they start showing up later and later and the business owner keeps forgiving the little discrepancies because the owner needs the help, completely unaware that this one employee is slowly destroying the entire company.

Sooner or later, the employee starts slacking, the production isn't QUITE what it was, and enthusiasm wanes...

Sounds a bit drastic, right?

That’s definitely a worst-case-scenario, but if you’ve ever hired before, you know it’s the most challenging part of running a business.

I’ve got three key rules for hiring that will make your life SO much easier!

  1. Know your business core values & mission and hire your employee based on how well they fit those categories! Summed up: hire for character, not for skill.
  2. Figure out everything that you are doing daily in your business. Find the items on your list that are your least favorite to do and write out, in detail, how you perform each task. Now when you go to hire someone, you’ve already got instructions for them on how to complete the task to your specifications!
  3. Start interviewing pretty soon after you start thinking about it. If you wait until things are out of control, your hire will be hastily made and will last about as long!

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