A "Situation" to Remember...

I just got back from Jamaica, and I learned something extremely valuable while overseas!

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In Jamaica, they don't have problems!

We were sitting on the bus, waiting to be taken up into the mountains and after sitting for half an hour or so, the AC unit had collected quite a bit of condensation. As soon as we started moving the bus, that condensation rolled backwards and instead of exiting the bus underneath the bus, it began pouring out of the vents over the heads of the first few rows of passengers. 

At first, it was refreshing for those passengers to have the cool water draining on them but before we got out of Falmouth, they were asking to be moved to another seat. It was too much, too cold, too annoying to have a constant rain inside the bus. 

Our tour guide helped them move to new seats and then came back to the front of the bus and, laughing, explained that we all just got to witness a "situation."

"In Jamaica," she explained, "We don't have problems, we have situations. We have big situations and small situations and rest assured, we'll have a solution to this situation before we come back from the tour!"

"In Jamaica, we don't have problems, we have situations. We have big situations and small situations" ​

I thought it was perfect for so many reasons.

The change of wind...

The first lesson I picked up is that something may be refreshing and enjoyable at first, but it usually doesn't take long for a situation to become uncomfortable. Trust yourself if you find yourself in a situation that needs to be changed, and be proactive about making that change. 

Everyone around them suggested they move, the tour-guide tried to help them move, they kept insisting that they would be fine. By the time the couples spoke up and asked to move, they were completely soaked and very cold for the rest of the ride.

Sometimes, we encounter something that we feel is a breath of fresh air, and this doesn't mean that every situation that arises is going to cause major problems. But it also doesn't mean that every situation is something bear down and push through.

Be willing and ready to make a change and move along so you can continue to enjoy the ride!

There are no problems in life...

The second thing I learned, is that there aren't really problems in life.

Problems has such a negative connotation, and we often treat them as something to be resolved and moved on from as quickly as possible. Instead, I'd encourage you to look at is as a situation. Instead of trying to get through it as quickly as possible, look for the solutions, and take a minute to look around and enjoy the process as you learn and grow. 

Our mind is extremely powerful. I often tell people that our life, our experiences, our challenges, or triumphs, our everything only has the weight that we give to it. If we choose to live with problems, we're, effectively, choosing to live with a negative view of life. And trust me, I've lived there long enough! I know how miserable it can be to look at the world through a negative lens.

As the Jamaican's say, "No problem mon! Don't worry, be happy."

I learned so much in Jamaica - I encourage you to learn as well!