Would you like to know one key differentiation between successful and failed companies?

In fact, this one idea is so powerful, you really should be using it to make every singles decision in your company.

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Any idea what I'm talking about?

Trust me, I know it's hard to believe just how powerful, and how much of a game changer, this one concept can be!

It is all about your company core values!

Having a set of company core values is integral to a strong company. It improves the efficacy of marketing, it creates a driven & productive work environment, and produces sales that are consistent with your mission & goals!

How to use them...

If integrity is a core value for your company, and you re-iterate it throughout the hiring process, through-out the week, through-out every campaign your company spearheads and in every interaction you have with your employees, your co-workers, and your customers, it will transform your results.

Suddenly you’ll find yourself working with people who agree with you on the core level, not just with employees, but with joint venture partners and also with your customers. Customers will be more loyal, because they connect with you on a heart-level. And, of course, it sets you apart from so many of your competitors because so few of them have their own defined set of core values.

Even if you are running your own solo-preneur company, as a sales rep working for a company on commission, or truly running your own company, your core values create a compass that will guide you and surround you by others who also believe in your core values.

To create your core values:

  • · Create a list of all of the characteristics and values that come to mind as important. You should have 15-20 but you could have fewer if you’re already pretty focused!
  • · Look through these characteristics and rank them from most important to least important.
  • · Take the top 5-10 and think about when each characteristic has appeared in your life and the difference it has made.
  • · Take the top 5-10 and think about when each characteristic has been lacking and the difference it has made.
  • · 3-5 will stand out as most important both when they appeared in your life and when they haven’t!

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