If you haven't thought about this idea, you're in for a world of hurt!

One of my favorite quotes: "Whatever you plan for, you'll usually achieve."

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Success, failure, mediocrity.

You decide your future.

Let's be honest, not everyone will want to build a Goliath for a business. I don't care. My goal isn't to turn every business into a zenith. It's to give every business owner the choice about whether or not they stay in business through education.

Not everyone will want to build a Goliath for a business!

That's the point of today's topic and as we come up on the new year, I think it's an incredibly important topic to address, either for the first time, or review as you prepare for 2017.

What's your 500 Year Goal?

What is your 500 year goal? What do you want your business to be remembered as? What problem do you intend to solve for the world that they will look back on you fondly for?

The first time I heard this question, I paused. I'm huge on goal setting and I set pretty vigorous goals. But this was beyond anything I'd thought about.

What was I building that was going to outlast me? Even if it only outlasted me to my family, what was I building? And why did it matter?

Like I always say, whatever you plan for, you usually achieve. So this time of year, as you're planning, think about where you're going long-term with your business. If you can see it, you can achieve it.

Whether you're a sales rep working inside another company, or running your own business, these questions  deserve some of your time as you wrap one year and get ready to launch into another.

What is your legacy?

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