Skipping this step IS costing you sales!

For years I disdained this idea, I thought it was too constraining and ridiculous to try and make mainstream!

You ready for this?

It's the concept of a sales funnel.

Now, before you get too turned off, check it out! I've honestly found so much relief and so many more sales just from implementing this single concept! 

Sales is a game where a lot of important concepts often get lost, or don't get explored as fully as they can be. 

Stage selling is one of those concepts!

I've lost lots of appointments, and lots of sales, when I tried to go for the big sale in one go instead of stage selling them from a phone call into an appointment and then, depending on the sale, from a discovery appointment to a presentation appointment.

But the more accustomed I get to sales itself, the easier it becomes to remember to stage sell people – even inside the actual conversation. Instead of taking them to the sale, even when I get into the presentation appointment, I often start them with selling them on my ideas and concepts inside the appointment itself so by the time I get to the end, we are on the same page almost entirely!

But there's a bigger concept and one that gets very overlooked. The sales funnel!

It starts with a trip wire, a very small sale! A $10 book, getting them to give you an appointment, an email address, a phone number, etc. The rule of thumb is that the trip wire sale is $99 or less.

The people who jump on the trip wire purchase are the people who are going to become more and more open to spending additional funds. You can then move them into a $499 or less purchase, then a $999 or less purchase, a $4999 or less purchase, etc.

The trick to the sales funnel is to ensure that with each purchase you provide MORE value than it's worth. It's easier for them to open their wallet for a larger purchase when they've already received substantially more value for the lesser amounts. It builds trust.

What does YOUR sales funnel look like?

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