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We've all heard where growth happens...

Outside the comfort zone, right? Of course, everyone uses this to let us know that if the growing pains we're experiencing are just proof that we're growing. It's a small consolation for the pain we are usually experiencing at the point people feel the need to show this to us.

But I've come to a huge realization lately: All of life happens outside of the comfort zone.

If you check out the Merriam-Webster definition of life it reads: "the ability to grow, change, etc that separates plants and animals from things like water or rocks." It's pretty sobering. It's the ability to experience that growth and change that makes us alive.

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Without that growth and change, we merely exist

Existence is not much to brag about. It's there. But the fact of the matter is that by living, we're exposing ourselves to challenges. It's how we choose to respond to those challenges that forces us to grow, and by default, to live.

So rather than consoling yourself on how much you're growing through the challenges, focus on how you're handling the challenges. Then you can appreciate how you're growing. Because trust me, it's completely possible to go through a challenge and not grow, just change for the worse. 

But when you do grow, you can know that you're living. Truly living.

Final thought...

I'll leave you with this: the past will never exist again in the future.

Only in the present moment, here and now, can you make it true difference in your life and the lives of others and decide how you'll grow and how far you'll go.

This is where decisions are made and actions are taken.
Focus on the NOW. Focus on Growth.

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