One page to success! Details inside!

I've been having my coaching clients design a one-page business plan for years now. This year, I'm sharing it with you!

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I've seen the power of this plan! So have my clients.

There's something extremely powerful in having all your goals and focus for your business condensed down into one page. I've seen so many clients who have a 5-40 page business plan that sits either on the shelf or in a desk drawer and never gets looked at again.

It's such a waste! Why spend hours and hours building a business plan that has no practical purpose other than convention?

Instead, I've started having all my clients create a one page business plan and I challenge you do to the same so you can focus on the pieces that matter to move for business forward this year.

The rules are pretty simple: it has to fit on one page. It has to include all the components below.


Vision is what you SEE as the future of the business. What will it look like when it's built? This is about what you'll deliver, how you'll deliver and where you'll deliver!


Why does the company exist? What is it that you bring to the marketplace that no one else does? This should be one sentence long and unique to your company!


What are your 5-9 top goals for the year? Make sure they are SMACC certified (check out to learn about SMACC certification for goal setting) and no more than 9!


What tactics will you repeat over and over every week and every month to accomplish your goals? In other words, what are the baseline tactics you'll do repeatedly to accomplish your dreams?

Action Plans:

What are your steps for the first quarter to move you closer to your objectives? Lay them out with a date attached.

If you are having trouble, reach out for help by emailing me here! But take time to do this – it will transform your focus for 2017!

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