Who serves who? Business or you?

I hold myself accountable to read at least two books per month (and often more...my record this year was 9 books in one month during the spring) and as I was reading one of my books this month, I had major breakthrough!

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I've caught myself feeling disgruntled a couple of times...

Not that I don't love what I do - I really do! I don't consider most of what I do "work" because it's truly my refuge from the frustrations that pop up. I love writing and coaching and speaking, I'm truly working inside my energy advantage! 

The Energy Advantage: The concept that you can work solely inside the things that ADD to your energy levels and increase your enthusiasm and joy!

But several times through-out the year I've caught myself feeling mildly irritated at the amount of people who are suddenly looking to my company to take care of them and their needs. Not that anyone in my company would ever look for a loan or advance or not pull their weight. That's not the case at all! In fact, I'm well aware of the fact that without the team behind me that frees me up to focus on the revenue-producing activities of the company, we would not be where we are. 

Simultaneously, when I'm still having to personally delivery on 95% of the revenue we bring in, it's hard to not feel like these people are relying on me specifically. I still do 100% of the coaching for the company (although we're training additional coaches), 100% of the content creation for publishing and online, and 90% of the training. On top of that, I'm directly or in-directly responsible for closing the deals for nearly 100% of the revenue in the business.

Every time I turn around, I'm so grateful that I have a team to support me and help me accomplish what we have, but I had a sudden realization that helped me understand why I chaff sometimes under the weight of having these people rely on me to support them.:

Because I was under the illusion that they are relying on ME!

Let me explain!

I read voraciously.

I have read 40+ books this year alone and intend to finish the year closer to 50 (I thought I hit 60...but I guess that will have to be my goal for next year!). At the beginning of the year I set a goal to read two books a month, 24 for the year. I had some incredible learning experiences and breakthroughs while reading through five books in one month in 2015 and decided this year that I would hold myself accountable to keep reading all year long.

So I have!

This month I'm reading Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination and, while it's a thick book, it's been a great story to follow! Yesterday, I was listening while driving and the reader said something that hit me like I'd been smacked with the 900 page book itself!

While discussing the growth of the Walt Disney studio, they had finally reached at point where, as the reader said "the studio no longer served Walt, now it was Walt who served the studio."

Walt Disney quote "If you can dream it, you can do it."

I was shocked. It spoke so perfectly to my current situation and I realized that, up till now, the entire purpose behind the existence of Scheller Enterprises has been to serve me. It's existed to pay my bills, to fulfill my dreams and mission and to give me an outlet for my creative side.

But, as I tell my clients, unless you can learn to let go, you'll never build something that will be bigger than yourself! As we stand on the cusp of something that is truly already getting bigger than just Me (after-all - I just wrote myself out of the agenda for the retreat I'm hosting in January!), this breakthrough was worth the cost of the book many times over. 

My role inside Scheller Enterprises is no longer to just be the owner, or to fulfill on the sales because this is all about me. Actually, my role is to serve the larger group that is already changing lives in a massive way across the globe - in whatever way possible! Whether that's through content creation, coaching, teaching, organizing, dreaming, encouraging, training, or whatever else I need to to to make this company successful.

Suddenly, I've realized how much this company exists outside of just me. And that's a powerful feeling!!   

With that mindset in place, hello 2017! It's going to be a GREAT year! 

We host a book-club every month where I cut a short video talking about one of the books I've read recently that has played a major role in my thinking and recommend it to you. The purpose behind the club is to encourage business owners to read more and read GOOD books. If you'd like to join, it's FREE! Just email billionairebusinessbookclub@gmail.com and ask to be added to the list!

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