3 Things You NEED to Know About 2016

If you weren't already aware of these, you need to know them now because knowledge is power.

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These are your key to creating a powerful final few weeks!

I'm a big believer that the more you know, the more you can be prepared for handling life. Like Farmers Insurance says, the more you know, the more gaps you may find!

So here are three things you may not have realized about 2016!

1) 2016 was the biggest year of your life.

Regardless of what you accomplished, you learned and grew. Good job! You survived the year, and you moved in new directions. It may not have been your biggest financial year of your life, or your biggest personal growth year of your life, but never underestimate the the power of what you've accomplished!

2) 2016 was a good year!

I tend to be pretty hard on myself. So I completely understand the tendency to underestimate how much you accomplished this year, but you have to give yourself credit. You're constantly growing and improving, and it's safe to assume that, you had a good year. Regardless of what challenges you faced and overcame, or succumbed to.

3) 2016 is over.

I know that, technically, we still have a few handfuls of days left in the year and while I never propone rolling over and playing dead, there's a pretty high likelihood that whatever you've accomplished by now is what you're going to get out of the year. Whatever you've set up for December is probably what you'll end the year with. Why not be spending your time preparing 2017 instead of rehashing or scrambling to end the year strong? If you focus now on preparing 2017, you will be able to launch into the new year with power and achieve your goals sooner, faster, and easier!

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