What would you do if someone offered you $50,000 to be paid out over 3 months?

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Because that just happened...

Let me walk through this real quick, because I want you to see how this turned into something worthy of a blog post!

Basically, someone approached me with a long list of why we should joint venture in business. I get these offers pretty much weekly and ignore most of them, but this person had quite a few reasons as to why they brought a lot to the table for me to make this worth my time including "12-15 hot leads every single week" that pour into his inbox.

I finally caved and offered what would equal close to $50,000 in revenue split if he did what he claimed he could do over 3 months for them to help me sell out The GROW Retreat. At first it seemed like a great idea and we were both on board.

When we got on the phone for our follow-up training session though, suddenly I was behested by requests for "up front" payments or a "base." I agreed to talk it over (although I will admit, that at this point, there were too many strikes for me to offer any kind of up-front offer, but I can be pretty persuasive and thought I could convince him to give it a try my way), and we rescheduled a follow-up call since they had some emergencies that had come up and they needed to handle them instead of honoring our appointment. At the follow-up call, I was stood up.

Obviously, allowing this person to represent the Scheller brand is completely off the table at this point but I'm seeing this over more and more of the business world too.

When it's time to talk about all the money we'll earn, everyone is SUPER excited. The idea of closing "$30k for one day's work" is a huge draw and I'll admit, it's kind of cool to talk about putting that much money in my pocket in a single day. But when it's time to show up and do the work, I'm finding more and more people who fail to materialize.

Guess what? It takes WORK to make a business work and bring in that kind of cashflow unless you've already laid the groundwork and have a hot list of prospects and clients salivating to give you their cash. And even THEN it takes work!

It takes WORK to get your ass in gear & make a difference in your life. Otherwise you are just sitting there hoping for a handout and wondering why your life still sucks.

The free ride is over people! Stop looking for other businesses to take care of you and take control of your own life. Let this be your wake-up call!

I'm all for helping someone out, but there's got to be a reason for it in business, especially for small business owners who don't have a multi-million dollar budget in giveaways. We need to get back to protecting our businesses and not allowing dreamers and fast-talkers to part us from our cashflow.

If you aren't going to do the work, why on earth would you be allowed a share of the rewards?