The long-term approach to lead generation, why it works & why to use it!

This topic involves one of the single-most feared concepts in the world: public speaking.

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As soon as I say "Public Speaking", many people turn off. That’s why you should pay attention!

Why? If everyone else is avoiding it, it works even better!


Plus, creating educational content to generate leads is actually WAY more than just public speaking. It’s just one of the easiest ways to get leads quickly when you move this direction.

I am a huge proponent of educational content as a lead generation tool because it produces leads that are both qualified, and trust you more than the average Joe. When your prospect has been following the content you’ve produced for a long time, it’s a powerful tool to help them trust you when you finally enter the pitch stage.

You can produce content in multiple ways. The following are some of my favorites:

  • Blogging | Tips: Keep it educational, ask them to contact you at the end, and post regularly!

  • Social Media | Tips: Share great content from a variety of sources, not just your own and share it to your personal page and your business page! Your personal friends should know what you do for your business! And use a combination of articles, graphics & videos.

  • Public Speaking | Tips: Getting in front of an audience and training them is a great way to control the information that is released and help them realize that they COULD do it themselves (if they actually can) but it’s easier to hire you! I recommend using this technique in combination with a fishbowl give-away to get everyone’s contact information at the end of your speech to follow up for sales.

  • Books | Tips: They don’t have to be long, in fact, if they are short, pocket-sized books you can offer them as giveaways if people will give you their contact info, or use them as an excuse to drop by and meet someone you’ve been wanting to connect with for a long time!

Once you’ve got these working – help them work together by using the content you produce on your blog to share to social media, or driving readers of your book to social media, or having your listeners to your public speaking sign up for a newsletter that you share on your blog.

The more ways you can expose your prospects to your education, the easier they are to sell, and the more likely they are to give you their contact information through commenting or asking for advice so you can prospect them!

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