I bet you aren't using more than 50% of these ideas...

And that's a big deal! Because if you know me, you know the concept of Always Be Learning is HUGE!

Most of us aren't spending nearly enough time on this concept monthly!

I used to work out at a local gym and they would constantly play commercials for the personal trainers over the radio. We were reminded 15-20 times per workout that "what gets measured, get's improved." It's not news for anyone familiar with the personal growth arena. We all know that to achieve your goals, they have to be measurable, and you've got to actually measure them regularly too.


For some reason, we don't seem to look at our personal growth the same way. I encourage you to take stock at the end of every week and measure how you learned this week. Of the following methods, how many are you using daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly? Many of them are available for free, but have you considering budgeting a certain amount of money to spend on personal growth material each year? If not, why? Even if you're only budgeting enough to get a handful of new books, at least make sure you plan to spend money here. That's usually where you'll find the best ideas! The following methods are some of my favorite ways to exercise ABL, but they aren't the ONLY ways. Create your own list!

  • Articles (online and in magazines or newspapers)
  • Videos (online educational videos and DVDs)
  • Classes (free in your local area, or from a university)
  • Seminars (usually 2-3 day learning environments)
  • Retreats (usually a lengthy period of time set aside for introspection and planning)
  • Coaching (you'll have to hire someone for this one)
  • Masterminds (usually, these are a pay-to-play type, but I'm part of two very powerful masterminds that are invitation only, but don't require payment)
  • Books (e-copies, print copies or audio versions)

Make your list, plan your frequency, execute with consistency!

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