The MOST Powerful Tool For Closing! (Details inside!)

Using ONLY this tool, I was able to be the #2 sales rep in a nation-wide organization!

No training but I closed 2 deals/week!

You probably know it too….but do you USE it?

The key, of course, is to always ask for the close!

Before you close this blog, stick around a minute longer!

We all KNOW that we’re supposed to be closing all the time. We know we’re supposed to be asking for the deal at the end of every presentation.

But what happens when you don’t receive any of those buying signals through-out the presentation? You know the ones I’m talking about, the leaning forward, the expressive eyes, the nods, the smiles, the questions, etc. What if your prospect is sitting across from you perfectly still, maybe smiling once or twice but sharing almost no emotion?

Do you ask then?

Most people don’t. Despite what we want to tell ourselves, if we don’t get our normal ‘buying signals’ we often walk away from the deal shaking out head. Or sometimes we ask, but with that resigned sigh which tells our prospect that we already don’t expect to walk away with a deal.

Take a minute and re-examine yourself and why you’re asking for the deal. Do you seriously believe that you’re the BEST option for them? If so, why AREN’T you asking for the deal?

I had one prospect that approached me about purchasing a two-hour strategy session. We did the session and at the end of the session I was about to walk away and let that be the end of our engagement. She’d sat through the entire session without me seeing any of those “lightbulb” moments or giving me any of the traditional signs of engagement.

Knowing my own training, I went ahead at the end and invited her to begin coaching with me one-on-one.

To my shock, she accepted and has been a loyal client for nearly a year now.

Always, always ask for the close!

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