Two tools to come up with

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When it comes to marketing your business, it can often be difficult to know what to communicate. I want to provide you with two amazing free resources you can use and share with you a great tip that I've been using for a while. Often, when I'm talking to someone about how to market their business, they will say, "Stephanie, I just don't know what to talk about.” In this situation, one of two scenarios is unfolding. As a rule, either they genuinely can't think of anything to talk about, or they have too many things they wish to say.  


The Tools

If you're in the first camp, and you genuinely have no idea what to do, take a deep breath and visit For free accounts, this website offers 3 searches daily, but has certain download limits. All you need to do is enter your topic in the search bar, such as landscaping, marketing, or retreats for business owners, and it will give you a ton of information on what people are looking for in search engines. This is an excellent way to leverage SEO and come up with ideas for content. You may even become viral if you answer a question that many are asking.  

My other favorite resource is the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, which requires a Google account. To use it, first sign up for a Google AdWords account and then open the keyword planner. When I'm not sure what to write about, I type in terms like Marketing, Marketing for Small Business, entrepreneurship, marketing, or low-cost marketing. The keyword planner shows which searches have high traffic on Google, and then I can create content to answer those questions. Though these are both useful, you need to take action to use them.


The Tip

Now, If you are in the second camp and have a lot of ideas for posts, just choose one randomly. It's okay if it's not exactly what you had planned; it can be an opportunity to improve upon the post later on. We have done this many times, and no one has ever asked me why I reposted about a particular topic. The algorithms won't show everyone all your content, so you're safe.

The Challenge

My challenge to you is to take an idea and make a piece of content today. Give it your best try and you will succeed!