One analogy that will make you feel smarter about marketing and sales for your small business

Matches vs Paper

I'm going to show the difference between marketing and sales with a physical prop. In one hand I have a piece of paper, and in the other I have a box of matches. These items are a perfect analogy for marketing and sales can help your business grow.

The matches are a perfect comparison to how sales work, as I only need one match to start a fire. The match will generate heat and light right away, but if I leave it alone, I may get burned. It's essential to ensure that I use the spark to light something that will burn for much longer and brighter to generate a catalyst effect.

A Catalyst

It's not unlike high school chemistry - where we learned that all matter is composed of a potential energy that requires some form of catalyst to turn it into actual energy. That's what marketing is like. It's bigger and more eye-catching, so it will gain attention. We also know from experience that lighting this on fire will create a brighter flame which will last longer. This will boost the impact of my sales and make it easier to set more fires. In the same way that this piece of paper is not going to do much on its own, marketing requires a spark from sales.


Setting up marketing will be like using a match to light a sheet of paper - the paper will stay ignited longer, amplifying your sales. However, marketing alone won't be enough to get you to the next level. It's essential to have both marketing and sales work together to see what can happen in your business.