Ways I channel my creative inner spark (dealing with ADHD as a small business owner)

Recently, I was asked to explain how I make use of my creative energy and ideas as an ADHD entrepreneur and marketer. I wish I had a little bit of a better answer, but I'll share with you what I have learned about utilizing my creativity so that I can maximize its potential.

Organizing My Thoughts

I have found that creativity is not something that can be forced. If I attempt to control the flow of ideas, force myself to use particular journals for certain ideas each time I have one, I will wind up misplacing them all. Discovering that my ideas were scattered, I taught myself to consolidate them in one place. I plan an hour per week to do this. I look through my calendar and see where I have jotted down ideas, which could be on sticky notes, in Asana, or in my journals.

I have a variety of them including an end of month journal, a private journal, and one for our Marketing Engine Igniter team members to brainstorm marketing plans. I go through that one at least once a month to jot down whatever comes to mind since you never know what may come from it. I also have a journal specifically titled 'Ideas', where I write down thoughts related to my business and marketing.

In addition to these, I have a board in the project management system that serves as an idea conglomerator. I often rely on my E Ink writer too, and I cannot emphasize enough how helpful it is.


Creativity as a Resource

I have come to understand that creativity is one of the most powerful resources I possess. It enables us to tackle issues and devise marketing methods that make a difference. For me, it is critical that I don’t suppress my creativity by trying to force it all into one place.

When inspiration comes, I have an efficient trick: write down the thought, then take a snapshot of it on your phone. At the end of the week, review the gallery and move all those ideas into a single place. You don't need to be looking at all these ideas all the time since they won't all be worth your time every time.



Identifying a way for us to expand our creativity without becoming hindered, encumbered, or stuck is essential in order to make the most of ourselves. Utilize your marketing and business development to its fullest potential.