Turn Your Passion Into Paychecks

Recently I made a grammar mistake and referred to something as third v. first person that was CLEARLY a singular-plural mistake - or should have been clear to a former English tutor!

But as a rule, I've always loved writing and learned the rules of grammar to be able to communicate my ideas better. From high school and on, I learned to translate those talents and passions into paychecks.

I have never really seemed to have a problem with monetizing my talents & passions, but it seems like a common issue and it drives me freaking crazy to see so many solopreneurs undervaluing themselves. There is a time and place to add value to your clients and not charge or nickle and dime for every little thing. But too often that solopreneur undercharges, thinking that it will help them get the gig, and doesn't highlight all the incredible value they bring to the table. Then they wonder why they are struggling to make ends meet, working more hours, and never have time to properly build a team or pay for good talent for their team to really grow.

Could you imagine...

If you got to the check-out at Walmart with spaghetti and tomato sauce, and the cashier goes "Dude! You really need to get some Parmesan cheese and french bread! Grab a loaf, it will really make your dinner sweet!" And then didn't charge you for it!?

Absolutely not! They might recommend it (well, maybe not at Walmart….but at a local shop that is focused on superior customer service), but they aren't going to give it to you for free. They know the value of what you are buying, and they hold you to it.

So my recommendation is to consider yourself a little more like Walmart! Yeah, you can do samples…every so often. And you can have competitive pricing...

But stop giving away the farm!