The Most Expensive Way To Speak...

On January 9th & 10th, we hosted The Grow Retreat for 2019 and one of our speakers, Matthew Pollard, had a comment that perfectly summed up one key that I've tried to hit home repeatedly this last year:

"Speaking to everyone is speaking to no one.

Plus it's expensive!"

We talked about this at the Marketing Mastery event we hosted in October as well. Roger spoke at length about how important it is that, when you can't afford to put too many marketing messages out to recruit clients, it's crucial that you refine the message properly because every message has to matter.

There's a valid point for "nicheing down" as early in the business as possible!

I used to think "That's great for when you get GOOD at business...but when you get started, so many times (and I was guilty of it too!) you're just taking whatever work you can get!"

But Matthew went on to make a valid point for "nicheing down" as early in the business as possible.

Doing this is important because that is when where you spend your funds matters MOST and you have to be sure you're spending money getting in front of the right people. Yes, it takes longer to get the business going, but you go so much further in the long run!

So no matter where you are at in your business, take a few minutes and really ask yourself the question "What else could I learn about my niche/market/message today?"

You may be surprised at the answers that crop up!