The One Meeting I Don't Skip Every Month

A couple of years ago, my coach told me to start running a monthly check-in with myself. To sit down with pen and paper and review the past month and plan for the next.

It started rather informally and irregularly.

But the longer I've done this, the more I have learned the power of this event and slowly discovered the best structure to get the most out of it.

Every month I write down as many emotions as I can remember experiencing throughout the month which helps me figure out how I feel about the past month and whether I'm happy with how life is progressing. I write down the lessons I've learned so I can keep track of them (and learn from my mistakes!), the successes I experienced, and set my goals for the upcoming month.

2018 is the first year I've not skipped a single month, and done it the same way, in the same journal, every time and as I sat down to review all of 2018, I was shocked.

I realized that I am downright proud of 2018!

I learned a lot, I grew a lot, and we had some big wins. Not only that, but doing this meeting every month helps me avoid the problems that can turn into such downward spirals and truly helps me direct my path!

I highly recommend it! Sit down with yourself every month and just recap! It doesn't have to be super structured...but do it!

You'll love it!