I Didn't Realize Painting and Business went Hand-in-Hand

The other day I was working on a painting of a wave cresting around a setting sun, mostly just to chill since it's become very therapeutic for me over the past few weeks!

And I started getting frustrated because, while the wave turned out pretty decent, the background just wouldn't work! The yellows weren't bright enough and, once again, I found myself thinking "That's not what I had in mind when I started painting this thing!"

But I straight up refused to give up and kept layering and blurring more paint on the canvas, taking little breaks to let the paint dry, and then trying a new color combination. And what amazed me was that the more I worked at it, the more paths I tried to make the painting work, the closer I got until I finally had something that I was actually happy with.

And it was such a

eureka moment for me!

That's how business works too! We get an idea of a business, and can get the frameworks going, some pieces of the business work GREAT, and others...not so much! But so many would-be business owners stop trying once they have a few pieces of the pie that don't work.

I understand the sentiment, I used to be the same way

with my paintings!

But I loved the analogy for business, and it definitely gave me some new perspective on some of our business challenges - hope it does for you too!