Don't be a statistic!

Entrepreneurs often fall prey to the trap of poor goal setting, and by default fail to achieve those goals repeatedly! Stay motivated, stay hungry!

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Steph here!

I did a training this past month on Goal Setting and Achieving. I always have a lot of fun doing that training because it's a different way of looking at goal setting. In other words, let me set the right kinds of goals so I have a heightened chance of actually achieving that goal!

And, as always, I had a lot of fun with it. As I was training, because I never know what's gonna actually come out of my mouth when I do these trainings sometimes, I said something that really stuck in my head.

I went back to some statistics that I'd heard a long time ago and I don't know how super valid they are anymore, but I do know that when I joined a gym a while ago, they told me, “You know, Steph, just push through to March. Because all the new year's resolution-ers, they come and they clog up the gym and if you just push through to March, 90% of the people who joined the gym in January will have given up and moved on.”

And I thought that was crazy. So I was looking up some other stats on it and it turns out that 60%+ of all people will have fallen off on their new year's resolutions by the end of January.

It's the one time of year where everybody goes crazy setting goals and yet 60% of them will have fallen off by the end of January. More than that, another 30% will have fallen off by the end of March or by early April.

That's mind boggling.

So what I want to do here is give you, my readers, some encouragement.

You've got 60% of all people have already falling off the bandwagon on getting their resolutions done. It's the one time a year where we actually set goals to improve our lives and then most of them fall through.

My guess is, that some of you guys are in the midst of needing that reminder to help keep you from becoming a New Year statistic.

Watch out for those thought patterns of “Hey, I set my goal and now I am not going to achieve it because I'm not really paying attention. And by the end of January, I've forgotten that I set these new year's resolutions,"

Set good, specific, measurable, achievable goals that work together and you are willing to execute on. And then take a minute each week to glance at those goals and make sure you’re still on track to move towards them.

And if you aren’t, don’t give up. If it was easy, everyone would have accomplished it. But sometimes you have to regroup and review what you tried, and tweak it and try something else that will still get you to that end goal. But don’t become one of those people who, by the end of March or early April, have given up on their goals.

If you aren’t currently moving towards your goals, ask yourself first if you still want to achieve it, and if so, find one thing you can do today to move yourself forward.

Yes, maybe you have to adjust course, but Napoleon Hill talks about the fact that there is no plan B. There is no other plan for your life. There's no other ultimate goal. Keep moving yourself towards that plan and that goal that you have for your life.

Napoleon Hill quote from Think & Grow Rich

Maybe you have to look at Path A and Path B and Path C, but keep going towards that ultimate goal.

Don't give up on your goals.

If you need help, reach out for help.

Don't think you're alone in this.

We are all struggling and fighting to keep ourselves moving forward.

But together, we CAN keep moving forward.