The most important word you probably don't use enough....

I know I need to use this word more.
I just end up feeling guilty so many times when I have to use it - and yes, I know all the right mindsets to overcome that, and all the reasons I need to use it more, but that doesn't always help.
The word is 'no.'
You know you need to use it more too!
I've noticed that sales people and business owners in general tend to really struggle with saying 'no.' 
There's a nagging fear under the surface asking us if we're missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime or another closed sale under our belt if we say 'no.' 
Not that we're the only ones, but we're one group that, more often than not, really fights with that tendency.
I've found myself again and again well over-booked, even after telling myself that I won't take anymore bookings during that time-period. And it's not always speaking engagements. Sometimes it's coffee dates or networking luncheons. There's still some part of me that freaks out wondering whenever someone asks me to go get lunch or coffee with them if I am going to miss out on money by saying 'no.' 
Truthfully, I might be missing out on sales by refusing to book myself over the top. But I'm also learning that peace of mind from giving myself time to breath is far more important than anything else and I'm much more on my game to close with a higher percentage when I'm rested and focused.
The truth is, you can say 'no' to yourself, to lunches, to coffees, to dinners, to clients, to prospects, to appointments, to church, to whatever you NEED to to take care of yourself!
There's a fine line between selfish....and taking care of yourself!
Or at least there is in my head! I never want to appear selfish. That's why I say 'yes' instead of 'no.' 
But neither you nor I have to share why we aren't available. And while everyone has an emergency that needs your immediate attention, and you want to be available to your potential (and current) clients, and (of course) you might miss out on a sale by not being available, I can guarantee that you being fresh and ready to handle whatever arises will heavily weigh in your favor. 
In addition to your ability to think creatively and be a problem solver as well as give your all to every situation, monitoring and guarding your time is not selfish, it's smart!
There's ANOTHER Upside to Saying 'No'!
In addition to the HUGE value of you being able to think straight and play at a level 10 to get the highest results for yourself, there's an upside that I haven't mentioned yet. 
You become valuable. 
When you aren't available to jump at every call or request, and I mean truly unavailable, no pseudo-busyness, your clients begin to understand the value of your time. It makes your request for a higher-than-market rate, make sense. It creates value in the hour you spend getting to know their business, and helps them realize that wasting your time with false-objections and stalling tactics, is not only rude, but expensive.
Think about that?
Fewer objections.
Fewer run-around-the-bush games.
Fewer wasted meetings without answers.
Quicker closes.
You can ask higher rates! For anyone in sales you know that higher rates equals higher commission. 
In other words, there's literally financial value in being willing to say 'no' when you have to! So instead of worrying about missing out on a sale, realize that you'll be able to make more money at a higher rate. 
Make 2016 a 'NO' year so you can make it a 'YES!' year!
Looking for some technical sales tools to apply to help turn more of those 'no's into 'yes's this year in the sales meeting? Check out my last newsletter here! 
Need help saying 'NO' more often? 
I'd be happy to help you get started to prioritizing your life so you know when to say 'No' and when to say 'later'!