This isn't actually about January....

January is officially fully booked for speaking engagements! I've been booking at least 30 days in advance for the past four months and am about to be booking 90 days out and I just got another email for another request for booking in March!
I'm sharing this to get two points across...
1) Because it seems like not that long ago I was desperate to book something - even if it was TOMORROW. I never stopped hustling and beating the streets to make things happen for myself! I fought and clawed and cold-called my way into capacity until I was booking 4 days out, then one week out, then two weeks out! Then suddenly I woke up and realized that I'd overbooked myself for the past two months because I didn't realize how many bookings I was taking.
And let's be honest - it feels like it wasn't that long ago because it was less than a year ago.
My point here is that if you're willing to put the effort in, you will see huge rewards!
But more importantly....
2) Because I've been assailed with doubt for the past 30 days. I don't make a point of dwelling on it, or trying to share it, but it's there - nagging in the back of my mind! Everyone I talk to, every post I make, every video I record, every email I send, it's there chattering away behind my ear.
It's strange to me to hear people talk about the great stuff I've done - and hear my siblings, among other people, tell me how much they want to be like me and realize that there are people out there looking at my life in envy.
Because I don't see that right now!
I know some of you guys are wondering: Why!? Steph! You had a freakin' phenomenal year!
Here's why:
Because I didn't make all of my goals for 2015, which puts me that much further from my three year goals, which puts me that much further from my five year goals and my ten year goals.
It's not like I didn't have a big year and it's not like I didn't accomplish HUGE things - which everyone helps remind me of.
But not accomplishing those two goals means that everything is going to take longer than I had planned on. That was frustrating, but it was also discouraging! Ask my family: I don't like my plans and my goals being re-arranged!
And then, of course, the lovely voice of a doubter hits my head again and asks if I'll ever achieve the goals I'm setting for myself. I've set BIG goals and BIG dreams look forward to seeing them come true. And I share the goals and share the dreams and usually swallow the doubts.
I'm sharing this particular piece of information NOW, which I don't like to do because it makes me feel vulnerable, because I've seen three other business owners doing the same thing right now!
These are business owners who have accomplished HUGE things!!!! Business owners I'm proud to know and sit down with and brainstorm and talk with. And they are discouraged too.
And I look at them and think "if I'd accomplished what you accomplished this year - I'd be freakin' ecstatic!"
And realize that we all forget our mountaintops!
As much as I talk about the concept of living in and appreciating the moment, we all forget about them. A lot. It's easy to focus on the frustrations of life and start on the down-hill roll to dumpsville. And once you start on that road, all of your great accomplishments start to get downplayed. "I may have been invited to speak at that big event but we didn't have the turn-out I'd hoped for...Getting my book to #1 was so much easier than I thought it would be - ANYONE could do that....I may have made it past the one year mark, but technically my corporation hasn't been around for one year yet.... I may be booking 30-60 days out, but I haven't booked a keynote speech for 2016."
Ya de da!
The list goes on! Trust me, for as many awesome things as I've managed to accomplish in 27 years, I've got just as good a reason to convince myself that it isn't a big deal!
Somehow, I think you probably do to!
However, I believe that if you're reading this, you've probably accomplished a lot in your life. More than many others.
Why? Because only people who have actually accomplished something spend time on self-development. Even if that accomplishment was learning that they don't know everything!
Be proud of yourself! It may be overwhelming sometimes, it may be frustrating sometimes. But you are going great places!
I sincerely believe that everyone has greatness inside of them, but the people you choose to surround yourself will will determine how brightly it shines.
Choose wisely.
Shine brightly.
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