I wanted to give you something that will make a DIFFERENCE for you this year!

It's important to remember that how you start is often how you'll end, so I wanted you to be able to kick off your year right, and this was the best topic to help you do so!
So what is this "most important topic?"

If I had to pick one or two hot topics to talk about the most (I'm Italian - I can talk a LOT) it would definitely be the differences between action talkers and action takers. For those of you who have read my book, you know where I'm going with this. 

I spent years surrounded by action talkers!

You know the ones I'm talking about - the water-cooler-trash-talkers. The ones who have an answer for everything that is wrong in the world and know exactly how to fix everything, how to do everything, and most of all, all the reasons they can't do it. 

The problem?

The biggest problem I personally have with the action talkers is that they have a tendency to suck everyone in around them. It's contagious! I know, I was one for years. It took a huge wake-up call to look around and realize that after three years of complaining and crying, I had nothing to show for it. Action talkers often live in fear, fear of change, fear of failure, fear of success. It's easier to live with a less than thrilling life than to go through the pain of growth and change. Over the past few years we've begun to tell ourselves that if we have family and just enough to pay the bills, we're happy - who cares if you hate your job and most of your life, you have enough and are "happy." 

Action talkers often live in fear.

While there's nothing wrong with being happy with a life that doesn't include a summer home in the Hamptons and a private jet, there's something very wrong with pretending to be happy with a life that makes you miserable most of the time and something extremely wrong with sitting in a life that makes you miserable and just talking about the changes you want instead of doing something about it. 

The first step to change is to recognize your personal tendencies. It's always going to be easier to sit and talk about making a change than it will be to make the change, but if there's never any action to back it up and you're not happy with your current situation, then you have a problem

Look around at the people you spend your time with - do they spend their time griping and complaining instead of taking action? It might be time for a friend-change. 

Need more?

Need more info, grab a copy of my book here and check out chapter 5!

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