The breakthrough tool I've become obsessed with...

I heard a shocking statistic the other week: by 35 years old, 90% of your life happens on auto-pilot.

The problem I have with that is that it sticks us into ruts! We start performing the same way, and wondering why we aren't getting new results.

It makes sense. The brain's whole function is to protect us. This is why it creates a stronghold of biases and distortions to keep us from seeing things that might cause discomfort or pain, and why we so often struggle to see solutions that are right underneath our noses!

One tool I've started using more and more to tap past that initial portion of my brain that tries to control everything is the art of drawing and I'm learning how to use it for everything from increasing memory to problem solving and opportunity diagnoses from the master, Kate Hayward!

She's got two videos you can check out to learn more that will explain it well and hopefully give you some ideas on how drawing can help you tap past your own brain, and come up with unique solutions to your challenges:


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