I bet your life is the sum of this concept…

Mostly because it’s played such a major role in my life…

And the lives of everyone around me who I consider successful!

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It’s all about the friends you choose!

I talk about this at least once a year. Partially because, from a very young age, I’ve noticed it influencing who I became. Then I started to notice it influencing who the superstars around me became. It’s part of our culture: it’s now what you know, it’s who you know.

As a kid I decided that I wasn’t going to fight an uphill battle, I’d make sure I covered both sides: what I knew and who I knew. So I’ve consistently put myself in a position to meet people that I respect and admire – going so far as to invest tens of thousands of dollars in event attendance to meet the individuals I know can make a difference for me.

It’s more than just a meet and greet. I go out of my way to find out how I can help these individuals out, because I know that they might drop one or two words of wisdom on me that will make a difference in my life.

But last year, I realized that there’s two sides, and the second side can sneak up on you!

I’d been spending a lot of time in a couple of groups of entrepreneurs, excited to be building up support and a “friend power” I thought was helping me grow. I had a very rude awakening when I began promoting an event that I was extremely excited about! As a business owner, I know the power of the people you hang out with, how they influence your views on the world and I’d set up an event that I was excited about because it gave everyone the chance to hang out with the people who made a difference for me.

Two of the groups I was hanging out with completely shunned the idea and it was similar to the effect when you prick a balloon with a very sharp needle. I complete deflated. I’d thought it was an amazing idea.

It wasn’t until I got away from those groups and was talking to a couple of my mentors that I had a very sharp realization that these business owners I’d originally looked up to and as peers, were actually dragging me down and I was experiencing the crab-bucket syndrome (for more on that, check out my book: www.FriendPowerBook.com).

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Where are you experiencing the crab-bucket syndrome? Where are you getting dragged away from your dreams?

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