Are you skipping this VERY important step for success??

It's one that I'm very fond of skipping...And while I say that jokingly, it's also true!

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Success is all about taking care of yourself!

It's so easy to ignore your body. The great part about our bodies is that they are phenomenal about continuing and pushing through a lot of challenges. And while training kids in Taekwondo, I'll often see them not pushing their bodies are far as they can go, or not taking advantage of all that their bodies can do. They get tired and they don't push hard.

We, as entrepreneurs and salespeople, often have very different approach. We tend to push our bodies far BEYOND what they can handle. We don't listen, and we try to take advantage of our bodies as if they are robots.

I remember a while ago when I was having trouble with my voice failing by the end of the week. I often speak from the front of the room for 5-10 hours a week, it's exhausting. By the end of every week, I would be fighting to keep my voice from cracking while finishing my final speaking engagement. I hired a speaking coach to help me improve my presence from the front of the room but at one point I finally thought to ask him how he kept his voice while speaking as much as he did.

I expected some sort of tactic for tea or lozenges. Instead he smiled, and asked how many hours of sleep I get each night. Turns out that by getting 5-6 hours of sleep each night, I was setting myself up for failure.

It was a hard lesson to learn. I tend to think that working myself a little harder, staying up to practice one more time, or finish prepping, will make me a better presenter. It was a challenge to realize that, just like in college when staying up late to study for a test didn't help as much as getting a good night of rest, the same thing applies in the real world too.

Even if you aren't your business, taking care of your body allows you to perform at peak to be a part of your team. So get enough sleep. Go for a walk. Eat (at least somewhat) healthy. Allow your body to take care of itself, so it can take care of you, and allow you to push as hard as you want to push!

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