Are you still fighting the salesman's biggest nemesis?

I recently had someone come to me to mention their frustration again...

It doesn't matter what you've been told...

The gatekeeper ISN'T unsurmountable!

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Since my last newsletter...

...was on the topic of my first book, and as I prepare things for my next launch, I thought it made sense to talk about my second book – and one that has, ironically, consistently ranked higher than Friend Power with sustained purchases over the past year, even though Friend Power has, over-all outsold Getting Past the Gatekeeper in huge bursts. It seems like everyone wants to know how to get past the gatekeeper to improve their sales.

Trust me – I completely understand the need to get past the gatekeeper, and how frustrating that they can be. Especially the more you believe in your product or service. When you're an absolute convert, having that person stand in between you and your prospect becomes a constant biting nag.

The first challenge to getting past the gatekeeper is to NEVER take it personally. They have to deal with sales reps every day and, often times, part of their job description is to keep the sales reps away from the boss. The moment you let it become personal, or let yourself get frustrated with the gatekeeper, it shows. No matter how good you are at showing it, they can feel it. And human nature is to respond with frustration to frustration. So they become more determined to keep you away from the boss, and you become more determined to get past.

Over the winter, I saw an article about two male moose who had gotten their antlers locked and drowned in a stream, then got frozen in Alaska. As ironic as we might find it that these two animals would do that to each other, we do the same thing all the time. By letting ourselves get frustrated with the gatekeepers, we lock ourselves into battle with the gatekeepers, determined to get past, determined not to lose.

If you find yourself in that endless battle, it's a better move to walk away. If you find yourself frustrated with a gatekeeper, send them a kind gesture to see if you can turn it around. And if not, be willing to walk away. There are always more clients!

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