A mind-boggling smart lead generation strategy...

Every time I teach this strategy, it's like a Jet.com commercial - you can practically see people's heads blowing up as they wrap their minds around this!

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The Fishbowl

We all know we need lead generation strategies that work, and work without us having to constantly be spending time on those strategies. When I teach sales process, I teach that lead generation and follow up should be pretty much automatic for most sales people since you should be spending more of your time on closing deals than chasing deals!

One of my favorite strategies is the fishbowl. There are two awesome ways to use it, people generate 45 hot leads by literally driving five minutes twice a month! and I've seen

First way, you can look for businesses with a storefront that supplement, but do not compete, with your business. For example, I've used this idea with HUGE success with massage therapists by having them reach out to local gyms. They put a fishbowl up at the gym and offer a free one-hour massage for everyone who drops a card in. At the end of the month, the therapist goes back, picks up the bowl and draws one name to offer the massage. I usually recommend that each therapist put out three or four bowls, and when you pick them up, combine the names so that you only give away one massage every month, but you can do whatever you want here.

After you book the massage (or complete the giveaway) to the winner, call all the other leads and let them know that they didn't win, but you've got a great offer to make instead. I typically recommend a 10 or 20% discount off your service, but you can pick whatever you want to do!

And I'll talk about the second way to use this strategy in our next post! This is the method I've used to generate 100+ leads in a single day!

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