Cold-calling is a hot topic! (Pun intended!)

When to cold-call, and when to NOT!

It’s a question I get asked regularly and it causes a lot of division.

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My personal opinion…

Cold-calling is not dead, but it’s not a live wire for everyone!

I know: “Steph! Could you pick a more middle-of-the-road answer?”

Let me explain a little.

Cold-calling is by far one of the least effective routes to generate appointments. You can spend hours on the phone to get one or two appointments. It can be a huge waste of time if you have literally anything better to go spend your time on.

But before you go crow to your boss that “Stephanie said cold-calling is dead,” I need to clarify something. “Literally anything better to do” must be effective, efficient and producing sales results. If you are supposed to spend 40 hours a week in sales and your “something better to do” is to go work on marketing (posting to Facebook) or filling out reports that aren’t due till end of week, or any of the busy work that we make up for ourselves to keep ourselves away from something we aren’t comfortable with, you are wasting your time.

If you’re supposed to be selling, start selling. If you don’t have any sales-appointments to run and plenty of leads (cold or warm), stop waiting for people to reply to emails, stop making up busy-work. Get your butt in your seat and your phone against your ear. It’s time to cold call.

There is literally no excuse for not having enough sales. You can always sit down and cold-call. There are always leads available, even if they are cold leads and you can always start calling and offering a value-added appointment to get your sales moving again!

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