You might know this topic, but do you actually do it often?

We know it's important, we know we're supposed to do it daily...

But most of us don't! Do you?

Zig Ziglar was the first to warn that motivation is like bathing, something we recommend we do daily.

At this point, most of us are pretty familiar with the quote. Many of us take some time to get motivated at semi-regular intervals, maybe attending a seminar annually or quarterly.

Very few people read daily I've discovered, and there aren't many of us who listen to motivational speeches, or take time to reconnect with our goals daily either.

So despite knowing that this is something we should do, we often don't.

Think of it like bathing, don't we have a habit of that? Just like brushing our teeth or doing our hair, it's that little thing we automatically do before we go out in public (most of us at least). We don't think about what we have to do to shower or brush our teeth, we just do it.

But we did have to LEARN how to shower and brush our teeth. So have you learned how to motivate yourself? Have you learned what gets you juiced to go after your life?

Everything I listed above is my own list of what gets me motivated and I make sure I spend time in at least two of these areas daily. But it took time for me to do this. And it took time for me to figure out how to get myself motivated.

I recommend you create a list of what gets you motivated to move towards your goals and at the end of every day, check in to see what you did today that motivates you.

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