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    Everyone experiences fear..

    It's time we started using it to our advantage

  • It's not comfortable to be afraid.

    But when you know how to use it, fear can become your ally in carving out the life you want.

  • Step 2: Set a Trigger

    If fear is something you can't truly control, how do you use it as your ally once you've recognized it?

    Set a mental trigger – when you notice your symptoms of fear, recognize it and channel the energy your body is using to scare you into guiding you to action. 


    Some people act in spite of their fear. I encourage you to act BECAUSE of your fear. Your body is creating energy that is designed to paralyze you to keep you still or starts putting thoughts into your head with all the reasons you SHOULDN’T take action. Instead, use that energy to start moving. Use the thoughts flying at a million miles per hour to evaluate the opportunity and how to mitigate the risks that you are coming up with.

    Allow that flurry of activity that happens in your body to drive you to produce great results for yourself.


    You are worth it.

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