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    "I've been obsessed with marketing for small businesses since 2010 when I had to take a marketing class in college and read Seth Godin's Purple Cow book. After the class was over, I was picked up by a local-non-profit  who had participated in the class for one of our projects and they asked me to serve as their Marketing Director to fulfill my academic internship requirement! 


    "I loved all of it, until the president asked me to build a marketing plan as my final project. I had no idea how to build a marketing plan. I googled a few things and ultimately turned in a few sheets of paper with a few ideas but it was not something I was proud of.


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    "Now that I work with small business owners for a living, I've realized I wasn't alone! VERY few people know what all should be included in a marketing plan. Most are just throwing random ideas against the wall to see if they stick. It's the worst game of darts EVER. 


    "So! I took everything I learned from analyzing thousands of campaigns and comparing the ones that worked to the ones that didn't and began building marketing plans for small business owners to help them out.  


    "And they worked! Again and again! 


    "I organized the information I collected into the 3Ms of Marketing© and created the Marketing Master Bundle! A sample marketing plan for you to follow that will show you exactly what you need in your plan, a step-by-step manual to walk you through crafting your own marketing plan, AND a two-week marketing spark text series that will help spark some creative marketing ideas to take your business to the next level!


    "And now, I'm giving them to YOU for free! Carry the torch & create something great!"

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