• "I really don't have a budget for marketing..."

    Don't be ashamed of having a limited marketing budget: it's not uncommon! This page was designed for you, because even limited businesses deserve phenomenal marketing.

    Stephanie's Knowledge

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    We all know that applied knowledge is power, which means that gathering knowledge is a great step in building a phenomenal marketing plan for your business. Years of experience and knowledge are at your fingertips through Stephanie's free articles (No subscription required!).

    Stephanie's Community

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    Marketing rarely works in isolation -- regardless of whether you're isolated, or you're isolating your marketing assets. But how do you find a group of like-minded people who aren't going to pitch you 24/7? Stephanie realized she couldn't find one, so she created one with the Market Like a Billion Dollar Business group.

    Stephanie's Strategy

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    I'm interested in igniting my marketing with some sparks from Stephanie herself! Send me a list of 4 questions & 3 impactful action items to direct my marketing program!

    Looking for something more hands-on? Work With Stephanie!