• The Marketing Engine Igniter


    Tired of creating endless social media content that gets you nowhere?

    Frustrated with trying to balance limited marketing budgets?

    Overwhelmed, or underwhelmed, at the amount of strategies to implement?


    This 6-week course will ignite a marketing engine for your business!

  • Your marketing SHOULD create exponential growth!

    Cut down the time it takes to get in front of your ideal audience 

    Create a strategy to design content that resonates 

    Identify what strategies to implement, and what to eliminate!


    Stand out

    Get results

    Create Impact!

  • Exponential Marketing = AMAZING

    Linear Marketing = Imaginary!

    Watch the video to understand the difference!


    I want exponential results! 

    I need help with some of these elements!

    “I love sales & marketing now!” 

    Daphne Sohocki

  • Straight from Stephanie!

    Some background...

    "I've been working with small business owners on their marketing for more than a decade, many times on campaigns that were identical in terms of industries, tactics and launch times, but produced completely different results! What was coolest to me was that I had the opportunity to dig into what made the difference! Why did one campaign produce 50-60 calls per month, and the other produced 1-2?


    "I turned that information in the 3Ms of Marketing©, but over the past few years, I've come the realization that just knowing what makes marketing work, or not, isn't enough! Small business owners are overwhelmed at how many marketing tactics exist, how much work it takes to weed through the craziness, and frankly, at how to put together a comprehensive marketing plan overall!


    "For the past three years, we've sold Done-For-You Marketing Plans for $2500 - $5000 apiece, but that's made them inaccessible for most small business owners. I had no idea how to teach someone the years of experience & gut instinct I used to create these!


    "In 2020 however, we did so many of these plans for other businesses in such a short period that I saw the patterns, created a process anyone could follow, tested it out and found it produced consistent results and marketing plans, and am proud to now make that same process accessible to every business owner!"

  • Why This Works

    In this course, you'll walk through step-by-step to find yours & use them to create marketing plans that work!

    Want to know the power of Social Media Content that understands your target market and represents your marketing message?


    "I wondered how much of a difference it was really making, but when y'all stopped doing our social media content for us, we went from eight to ten calls per day, to three or four."

    Will Wightman

  • What's Included?

    Week 1:

    Keys to Marketing   


    Common Mistakes to Avoid Setting Accurate Marketing Goals The 3Ms of Marketing Introduction

    Week 2:

    Target Market Research   


    Building a Target Market

    Completing Market Research

    Using A/B Testing

    Week 3:

    Building a Marketing Message   


    Crafting Your Marketing Message

    Designing Your Brand Character

    Creating Persuasive Marketing

    Week 4:

    Auditing Your Marketing Assets   


    Marketing Plan Overview

    Completing an Asset Audit

    Designing a Revenue Generating Website

    Week 5:

    Choosing Marketing Techniques   


    Common Techniques Explained

    Researching Effective Techniques


    Week 6:

    Building The Marketing Plan   


    Building a Baseline

    Putting it All Together

    The Secret Weapon

    “I thought I knew my target market prior to doing this exercise! Now I realize I knew [so little] about my target market!” 

    Susan Rossbach

  • Bonuses!

    Limited Availability

    1. Never Before Released Footage - From three years of exclusive Grow Retreats!
      Retail: Priceless
      (No really, you cannot access this bonus WITHOUT purchasing the Marketing Engine Igniter!)

    2. Lifetime Access to the Sales Accelerator Workshop - Recordings from March 2021 to help you ensure your marketing continues to drive prospects into a strong conversion process! 
      Retail: Priceless
      (No really, you cannot access this bonus WITHOUT purchasing the Marketing Engine Igniter!)

    3. Goal Setting & Achieving - The full course to help you set and achieve your goals in marketing, business & life!
      Retail: $49.99 

    4. Communication Assessment - How you communicate will attract or repel prospective buyers to your marketing! Develop greater understanding of your communication style so you can consciously attract the right buyers!
      Retail: $297

    5. Driving Forces Assessment - What drives you will impact how you design & manage your marketing, and at a subconscious level, will attract or repel prospective buyers! Understand your driving forces, so you consciously attract those who align & will love your business!
      Retail: $297

    6. Emotional Intelligence Assessment - How well we understand the emotions of ourselves and others either greatly enhances or inhibits our ability to market! Understand your strengths & weaknesses in this arena to leverage your strengths and create opportunity for growth!
      Retail: $497

    7. A Customized Development Plan - Based on the 3-part Communication, Driving Forces & Emotional Intelligence Assessments, this is a personalized plan for how to develop your strengths or weaknesses & grow!
      Retail: $297

    8. 6-Week Marketing Mastermind - Six weeks of guided mastermind work on developing & fleshing our your marketing message, target market and overall marketing plan!
      Retail: $599

    Bonuses designed to support you and guide your growth & understanding as an entrepreneur!

    You are never alone!

  • Access

    Because we understand everyone is at a different place in their business, we want to make this accessible and affordable for you!


    Select your preferred payment plan option & no matter what you select, you'll have instant access to the course and bonuses!

    "We went from a few calls a month off the website to five calls off the website the week we launched the new site!"

    Glen Bhimani

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